What is an iBeacon?


How iBeacon works in a few words

iBeacon is a geolocation beacon that is based on the same principle as a WiFi terminal. The beacon has an installed unique identifier that emits a continuous signal of up to 600 feet, depending on the installed beacon (160 feet on average). It can detect and interact with visitors in a given location.


Unique identifiers can cover a precise area for each beacon (for example: store entrance, checkout, X-radius, Y-radius ...).


An identifier is divided into three parts:

  • A fixed part which corresponds to the application or trademark
  • A « Major » identifier which, for example, corresponds to a store
  • A « Minor » identifier which, for example, corresponds to a radius

Geolocation and iBeacon


The iBeacon technology, developed and promoted by Apple, runs with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
This small Bluetooth beacon emits a signal that interacts with smartphones present in an area.


Once the beacon’s signal is captured by a smartphone in the area, it will trigger a specific action (sending notifications, rich-media data, discounts and coupons ...) on the receiving device.


It can be set according to three predefined areas:

  • Immediate proximity (1 meter)
  • Close (15 meters)
  • Far (30 meters)

Benefits of the Phygital Approach

Installing iBeacon technology is the long-awaited link between a physical and digital point of sale, called the "Phygital Approach."


This will allow you to do the following:


  • Interact digitally with your various shopping areas
  • Promote impulse purchases
  • Develop your cross channel strategy
    • Boost in-store traffic
    • Generate traffic on your website
    • Increase your popularity on social networks


Consumer behaviors change, so communicating in the right place at the right time to the right people is the key to a successful iBeacon cross-channel strategy.


Requirement for the iBeacon application activation




Here are the main materials required for a winning iBeacon strategy.


You need a minimum of 2 elements:



Additional elements should be added to maximize the potential of your iBeacon tags.

A management platform for your Beacons




You may need to modify the program of your geolocation beacon network. In fact, most of the beacons cannot connect to the Internet because access to Wi-Fi may be not available where they are installed. Having an application that will communicate with your geolocation tags to update their program is an important part of the iBeacon strategy.


Cloud management of your Beacons

There are two options available for your iBeacon management application: directly code your geolocation tag or use key data from the cloud for its update.


For example, if you set up two geolocation tags, you can code their identification numbers in your application. But what happens if you add more tags?


Instead of updating your application each time, you can update your data on a cloud server, and allow the application to automatically incorporate the uploaded geolocation tags into the cloud.


Content Management System (CMS) and Ad Server

Content management is paramount for beacons. It should be updated as often as possible at the right time to increase the chances of conversions.


Like most applications, you can update the content generated by your application into the program directly then improve responsiveness by choosing to integrate data into the cloud. This will allow you to change the live content without the need to update your application.


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