Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start setting up the Beacon?

Head to for a step-by-step guide

Where can I download your SDK?

  • For iOS, iBeacon management is pre-integrated in XCode using the CoreLocation Module.
  • For Android, There are a few great Android libraries that can manage iBeacons.

Click Here for our SDK

Is the beacon compatible with Eddystone?

Yes, our newest beacon iBeacon / Eddystone Programmable Beacon is compatible with both iBeacon and Eddystone protocol.

The Beacon keeps on resetting automatically to the original settings. How do I prevent this?

Make sure to press “Save” in the upper right hand corner after making changes in the settings. You then have to reboot the program after changing the preferences.

What is the Battery life?

Battery life is different depending on the beacon model you purchased. Please refer to our model specs page for more information.

Where do the Beacons ship from?

They are shipped from warehouses across the United States.

Can I configure the beacons individually without subscribing to the Social Retail beacon management platform?

Yes, our mobile applications BeaconSET (iOS) and BeaconCFG (Android) can help you configure your Beacon.

What is the signal strength of the Beacon?

The signal strength varies among the Beacons. Please refer to our model specs page for more information.

Is the signal strength of the Beacon adjustable?

Yes, all our beacons are programmable by updating the UUID, Major, Minor, and Transmission Power through the BeaconSET (iOS) or BeaconCFG (Android) applications.

What do I do if BeaconSET (iOS) or BeaconCFG (Android) is unable to detect my Beacon even after following all the Getting Started instructions?

Make sure the Beacon is very close to your phone since beacons are ranked by transmission strength. Check to make sure that the Beacon is powered on by pressing and holding down the power button until the beacon lights up. If the light blinks 5 times, then the beacon is turning off. In addition, the beacon’s serial number on the back should match the serial number that shows up in the configuration app. If your beacon still cannot be found, call or email us and we will help you out as soon as possible.

Do you support geo fencing?

Yes. For each beacon, you can modify the range that you want the beacon to cover so that when someone enters a certain area, they can receive different notifications.

Can your ultralight beacon be used as a GPS locator?

Beacons can not be used like GPS. But the beacon can be used with Indoor Geolocation, which means that it uses beacon triangulation for real-time positioning.

How do I configure the number of times the demo app responds to the same beacon?

Use Case - a person walks in to a shop and receives an alert on their phone discount burger. You probably only want to visitor to get one or two alerts. Is there away to configure how many alerts they receive?

To configure the number of times the app responds to the same beacon, click on: My Beacons > Edit. From there, you edit the minimum hours between notifications.

My Beacon

Do you beacons have on/off buttons ?

Not all our beacons have buttons, here is the list of ones that do:

i4 Beacon - button inside the cover

i8 Beacon - button on the outside

i5 Beacon - button inside cover

C1 Beacon - button inside cover