iBeacon Online Platform

iBeacon Platform

Choosing the right iBeacon platform

Use of the iBeacon technology requires an iBeacon management platform.


This application will allow you to control your geolocation beacon park on a full or limited basis, according to the package that you selected. Therefore, choosing your platform is essential for achieving your goals related to the installation of your beacons.


Without an iBeacon platform, you will be unable to interact with your customers and influence their purchasing behavior. With a dynamic platform, you will be able to configure your beacons in real time and transmit messages to your prospects’ smartphones.


As a top specialist on beacons, ibeaconstore.com offers a unique and innovative approach that will satisfy all of your beacon technology needs.

Adserver and iBeacon CMS: DigitalSocialRetail

DigitalSocialRetail, a subsidiary of the Holosfind Group, offers a cross-channel acquisition platform that is designed to manage your best iBeacon strategy in France and abroad.


The platform provides a global solution:

  • An iBeacon Adserver
  • An iBeacon CMS tool
  • A comprehensive analysis tool for all your data


We offer a unique and innovative turnkey approach to manage your in-store communications and control all of the beacons in your points of sale.


We provide:


  • A unique, innovative interface for controlling all of your beacons
  • Real time streaming or preprogramming of specific or targeted content for your signs
  • A rich media message generator (videos, photos, discounts and coupons ...)
  • An extensive monitoring for your loyalty program
  • A comprehensive analysis of your data (tracking, performance indicators...)


In addition, the platform is hosted in Cloud mode, allowing for time saving capabilities and considerable feedback in the management of your beacons.


For more information about our platform, please visit DigitalSocialRetail