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About us

iBeaconstore.com - iBeacon online store

iBeaconstore.com is a brand belonging to the Holosfind Group, which is dedicated to promoting iBeacon technologies.

iBeaconstore.com is our online store to market products offered by iBeacon technologies. We provide a complete range of beacons that will meet all of your material needs.


The HOLOSFIND Group, founded in 1996 by Sylvain Bellaïche, has developed a unique concept for the market through its convergence platform DIGITAL RETAIL SOCIAL and its offer REFERENCEMENT.COM

DIGITAL SOCIAL RETAIL, the American division of the Group, provides an ecosystem approach that revolutionizes the customer relationship for chain stores. www.digitalsocialretail.com 

IBEACONSTORE, a subsidiary and hardware solution of Digital Social Retail, is the leader in iBeacons sales in France and launched his US-based store in March 2016.

REFERENCEMENT.COM is the leader in the fields of SEO and SEM. www.referencement.com

Certified "Innovative Enterprise" by OSEO Innovation, HOLOSFIND is qualified for FCPI and PEAPME.
HOLOSFIND is a listed corporation on Euronext – Paris ISIN: FR0010446765 – ALHOL (Visa AMF: 08-090)

Our beacons are used by:

Essec Business School
Coca Cola
Duke Energy
Saint Etiene
Paris Beaute
Square Habitat